OpenLCB Development Prototypes Area

OpenLCB™ is being developed via an open, collaborative process that includes multiple parallel prototype implementations, listed here. We make that code available to anybody who wants to use it for their own layouts, subject only to the OpenLCB license.

If you're just getting started, you might want to start with the Arduino prototype. The Arduino hardware is simple and easy to work with, as is the software development environment. See the hobbyist page for more information.


This area contains a number of subdirectories organized by language and/or platform.


general C/C++ implementation, also for Arduino and offline testing


Java code for tests and implementations


C code for AVR processors


C code for CBUS PIC-based cards

Several developers have also created OpenLCB code for other platforms, please ask on the OpenLCB mailing list for more information.

Access & Versioning

The current content of this development area, including code, documents and web pages, is kept in the OpenLCB SVN repository in the “trunk/prototypes” directory. To check it out, please do:

svn co prototypes

We provide periodic stable versions of the code. For more information on this, please see the Versioning document.

For more information on the SVN source code management tool, please see the SVN website and the online SVN book.

This web sites contains trademarks and copyrighted information. Please see the Licensing page.

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