Note: Signaling

This document is the start of discussions on “Signaling” (a.k.a. Signalling) in OpenLCB. Specifically, the modeling of signals from the prototype, their operation, etc.

Environment of Proposal



Design Points


See some discussion of events for signal control in the Event Model note, "Application to Signals" section.

This also bears on modular setup, as modules may want to control signals across module borders. See example doc.

DPH, via email: Not sure we need much here, but we do need a model, Signals (Aspect = meaning) have one or more SignalHeads (Appearence = physical display)

BobJ: We should look at software solutions and build a collection of ideas. JMRI does it one way, RR&Co another, etc, and OpenLCB needs to be useful to all of them.

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