OpenLCB at the NMRA 2011 Convention

The OpenLCB™ group presented two clinics on OpenLCB at the NMRA 2011 convention in Sacramento.

The clinic's common general description:

OpenLCB is an open community of model railroad, electronics and software hobbyists to create new electronics for controlling model railroads. We are creating a layout control bus (LCB) that connects boards & programs. The result is easy to use, customizable, and brings new capabilities to model railroaders.

Clinic 1

This clinic describes what we've accomplished so far, where we're going, and how you can get involved. Come see how modern tools can make many types of layout controls easier & more reliable.


Clinic 2

This session will bring together the OpenLCB developer community to talk about what we've been doing and share ideas about what to work on next. Since this week is the first time many of us will have gotten together in person, it'll also be a chance to show off what we've accomplished this week. Come see some of the most interesting developments in layout controls.

Slides: Part 1, Part 2

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