OpenLCB: Licensing

This web site contains the work of a number of people. All the contributions to this site, including code and documentation, are the property of their individual authors. All contributing authors make their work available here under specific licenses. You must comply with the license terms to use these works from this web site.

For other arrangements, contact the specific author directly.

The “OpenLCB” name and associated logos are trademarks of the OpenLCB association. They may only be used in association with the documentation and software presented here. We are continuously working improving the documentation and software, including writing compatibility tests, and we reserve the right to publish our observations on compatibility of devices that use the “OpenLCB” name and associated logos.

The NMRA says that the “NMRAnet” name and associated logo are their trademarks. The NMRA determines the licensing status for its Standards and/or Recommended Practices.

Other terms appearing on this web site may be trademarks belonging to others.

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